Dr. Arthur Thomas Schmidt


STR 12
DEX 13
APP 13
POW 14

INT 15
EDU 17
SAN 70

Skills: Library Use 60%, Medicine 45%, Occult 35%, Other Language (German) 76%, Other Language (Latin) 46%, Persuade 20%, Pharmacy (6%), Psychoanalysis 65%, Psychology 51%.


Dr. Arthur Thomas Schmidt, aka Dr. Arthur Thomas. Born Boston 1890 (age 30 in 1925), to industrial baron father and socialite mother. BA Psychology (Miskatonic, ‘10), MD (Harvard, ’14). On his Grand Tour after med school, a chance meeting in Vienna with Otto Rank’s sister Alice brought the young Dr. Schmidt into both a torrid love affair and the Outer Circle of Herr Freud’s Inner Circle. He established a reputation as both a promising alienist and a theoretical loose cannon – though his understanding of Herr Freud’s methodology and theories was considered second to none, in private and late at night (and half-drunk) he was known to give voice to theories of psychosis that alternated between amusingly offbeat and shockingly radical. These theories would have been dismissed if not for his otherwise sterling reputation.

Tragedy struck in 1920 when Alice Rank died mysteriously while the two were on holiday in the Swiss Alps. Not only was Schmidt personally devastated, but Rank effectively blacklisted him from Viennese analytic circles, and the young alienist was forced to shutter his practice and return to the US. Upon his return he established a small practice in New York City, but directed his energies primarily to writing and self-publishing books on the nature of psychosis and reality. The Psychotic Self first appeared to some modest acclaim, but subsequent titles such as Man, Psychosis, and the Stars brought him more ridicule than anything. His family disowned him in shame. To the psychiatric establishment he is seen as a crackpot; in certain other circles he is, if not a visionary, a minor expert. He makes a meager living from his small practice (only several patients remained after the nature of his theories became apparent) and very occasional, very minor, speaking engagements/royalties.

Dr. Arthur Thomas Schmidt

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