People of note

Henry Whistler (Ryan): Criminal/Smuggler
Dr. Schmidt (Aaron): Psychologist
Tommy Gant (Adam): Thug
Conrad Jones (Eric): Private Eye
Det. Abraham Giuseppe DeLacey (Ben): Police Detective
Jackson Elias (JE): Adventurer

The Carlyle Expedition
Famously disappeared African expedition 1919, led by

Roger Carlyle (RC): Hired by Penhew Foundation, was supposed to go on to Egypt. Went to Great Rift Valley, Nairobi. Massacred. Massacre. Discovered by police, not his sister.
Dr. Robert Huston: psychologist to the stars, ancient pictographs. patient was Roger Carlyle.
Hypatia Masters: romantic with Roger Carlyle, photographer
Jack Brady: friend of Roger Carlyle
Sir Aubrey Penhew: Viscount of Pevensy, old family 8 centuries, bachelor, underwrites explorations like these, Egyptology
Erica Carlyle Investigation
Erica Carlyle (EC): Trying to find brother and expedition. Rich lady in Westchester, sister to missing Robert Carlyle. Went to Africa to investigate expedition.
Victoria Post: friend of Erica Carlyle went with her
Bradley Grey, Lawyer: Erica’s lawyer in NY

History: Expedition, all massacred: Erica Carlyle tracked to Ndudu Aburderry Forest in Africa. Verdant jungle. God lives on top of mountain to north. Local authorities accuse local tribe and hang them. Probably to appease white lady.
Jan 30 1924: sleep uneasy massacre site in daylight. thick thorny underbrush, quiet, rancid smell, half mile wide mound and clearing

People of note

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