Jan 15, Thursday

Hotel Chelsea
Jackson Elias at 8pm
Found Jackson dead and disemboweled. Masked killers on scene flee down fire escape
Attacked at Hotel Chelsea, Room 410
Killed African guy in mask, tied up 2nd murderer
Killed in his hotel room by masked cultists, mix of two Africans and one white man. Escaped in waiting car with handfuls of papers. We managed to kill one African and tie up another. Recovered documents and horrific mask.
Car: DB629
Conrad’s Apt
Went back to Conrad’s place. Conrad and Tommy go to the hospital.
Find items in JE’s apartment
Miriam Atwright from Harvard, letter: had directed Jackson to the book “Africa’s Dark Sects”. Written by Nigel Blackwell. Pencil marginalia
Unspeakable odor in the collection
Book stolen
JK: Jonah Kensington: publisher. Letterhead
Business card: Emerson Imports: New York – [[:silas-n’kwane|“Silas N’Kwame”]] written on back
Edward Gavigan: Penhew Foundation, business card, London
Matchbook, Stumbling Tiger, 10 Lantern St, location unknown
Photo of a Yacht docked in china
Prof. Anthony Cowles, PhD: had a ticket for this fellow’s lecture at NYU. A fellow at Miskatonic
Visited him at Miskatonic – discussed some things about the Australian cults he studied
Father of Bats
Great wind
Standing stones
Sand bat vs rainbow snake – sand bat is sent to the underworld where he is trapped
Faraz Najir, Cairo. letter: has curios of interest.

Jan 16, Friday

Publisher’s Office
visit JK. Get JA timeline.
Jackson told us he thinks Carlyle Expedition wiped out by blood cult.
Says Jackson lost his mind searching the world over for clues to The Carlyle Expedition Carlyle Expedition, Nairobi.
Gave us full Itinerary.
Visit theater where Prof Cowles had spoke. Talk was 2 weeks prior. Discovered prof is at Miskatonic.

Jan 17, Saturday

Went to Boston by train. JK funded. Dr. Schmidt got car to drive to Miskatonic.
Jan 18, Sunday
Miskatonic, MA
Cowles place. Cowles. Speech about the Father of all bats, Australian cult. Gauntlet of worshippers with clubs embedded in bats teeth. victims going mad. died out hundreds of years ago. Enormous beings gathered in West Australia. Living winds overthrew them destroying everything. Father of all bats came and took over. rainbow snake tricks the bat to a sand place.
Harvard, Boston
Drove to Harvard

Jan 19, Monday

Harvard, Boston
Called Gray, EC’s lawyer
Schmidt and Atwright do research at Harvard library. Uncover Cult of the Bloody Tongue:
God of the Bloody Tongue, Kenya
G’harne Fragments, Tome: Located at library of Penhew Foundation in London
Train to New York
Missing cultist from the hotel on the train accompanied by an African cultist. Whistler and Tommy confront.
White guy: Charles (“Muzunga”)
Black guy: thrown off the train
Conrad’s Apt
Returned to NYC with Charles (out cold from self induced drugs)

Jan 20, Tuesday

Conrad’s Apt
Interrogate Charles. JuJu House is the front. Ceremonies. Get their stuff from Emerson House. Charlie is afraid of them. Says they’ll bring him back after death to serve.
Leave apartment with Charlie, Charlie escapes.
Offices of Gray, Attorney
Tell him our story and how Carlyle might be alive in order to get EC’s attention. Leave and go to Harlem
Go to JuJu shop.
Silas N’Kwane, old man at shop.
Shot and killed gang.
-22 revolvor -1 shot, shells
- cash and change
- no legit IDs except for N’Kwane, some drugs
Descended down ladder
Chamber with zombies
Flee upstairs.
Cops arrive: Mahoney, Det Delacey, Sgt Francis
Fight zombies, flee upstairs
Find papers in store, Whistler takes ivory artifacts
Wait for reinforcements. Cops kill zombies.
Schmidt investigates alcove where zombies came from and finds objects
Whistler lifts up stone from ground using winch
Scary sounds and wailing
We leave with objects and go to police precinct
Interrogated by Lt Poole
Return to JuJu shop and lift stone block in basement to reveal a horrid monster in a pit
get a bunch of lye and the cops kill it
load up with shotguns and go down to 50th street to check out Emerson Imports
break in
ledger note: JuJu House. Billed paid by check Mukunga M’dari
stay at Dr. Schmidt’s
Papers found in JuJu Shop, JE papers
“Many names, many forms, but all the same and toward one end… Need Help… Too big, too ghastly. These dreams… dreams like Carlyle’s? Check that psychoanalyst’s files… All of them survived! They’ll open the gate. Why?… so the power and the danger is real. They… many threads beginning… The books are in Carlyle’s safe… Coming for me. Will the ocean protect? Ho Ho no quitters now. Must tell, and make readers Believe. Should I scream for them? Let’s scream together…”
Objects discovered in basement
Robe of feathers.
Leather thong with claws
Book bound in leather, [[Africa’s Dark Sects]]
Burnished copper bowl, 15” diameter
Wooden club, scepter with runes
Oblong carved wooden mask
Dull gray metal circular band, 8-10” across
Notes shared with Detective Delacey Been investigating many murders in NYC. All victims found with marks on foreheads:
Walter Busqurgue, PI, murdered, hired to find a missing deletante who had run off with guy from Harlem
Rev Eliah Johnson, preached against immorality
Couple in Harlem

January 21, Wednesday

Go to precinct, get Det Delacey
Go to Jones’ apartment, waiting for cultists to find us and compare notes
Jones develops film
Schmidt and Delacey go to medical records to find Huston’s notes analyzing Carlyle.
Tommy, Whistler, and Jones watch Jones’ apartment from across the street
Gray left message with Jones
Received invitation to Erica Carlyle’s place for a social affair

January 22, Thursday

Clean up and get car from Gray to Carlyle Estate
Put shotguns and shells in trunk
Drive north to Westchester
Followed by cultists in Model T
Killed them both, ran car off road
Fixed a broken gas tank on the road
went to party at Erica Carlyle’s, directed to servant’s entrance
left weapons at the door by head of security:
Met Erica Carlyle. Amiable and conversational.
Delacey and Jones to talk to Al, a buyer for an agent.
Schmidt and Whistler check out books.
4 books brought out:

  1. The Pnakotic Manuscripts: English, Middle English translated from Greek, peculiar pentagram like symbol. pre history text. myths of fabulous societies before rise of man. catalog of races, ages before man, legendary figures before man, inhuman deities. final section history of the book from its writing. flying barrel shaped beings. work a compilation of mystical texts preserved in fragments.
  2. Livre D’Ivon, Book of Eibon by Gaspar Denure. Hyperboria, wizard kingdom. Lots of wizard stuff. parchment bundle nearly 200 pages, grotesque handwriting and marginalia with symbology and archaic French
  3. People of the Monolith: smaller volume white leather, quality and opulently bound. Unusual medallion, polished translucent rock over silver backing with gray and white tones, symmetrical pattern. Something organic. Book of poetry. Front page: To Mr. Roger Carlyle. my regards to Anastasia, Tyler. Author is Justin Jaffrey, a so-so poet.
  4. Life as a God: white leather over wood binding. quarto volume, small, 150 pages. handwritten. faux egyptian styling. sloppy faded ink. diary of Montgomery Crompton. dispatched to Egypt, involved in cult. practiced black magic. something about Black Pharaoh, and put in asylum.

Stay and read books.


Jack Brady: killed a man in college and Roger saved him. JB became RC’s right hand man and kept him straight.
Told us about buyer for RC’s collection of books. Alowicious Marliner.
RC met with and was with a woman EC referred to as a Negress.
Robert Huston: womanizer, one whom committed suicide.
Al Marliner hired by an agent named Coleman Lloyd to purchase books for a buyer who wants RC’s book collection. Ready to buy for $2500.

Africa’s Dark Sects "The cult, named in whispers by the natives The Bloody Tongue, is supposedly based far in the interior, but has followers in Mombassa, Nairobi, and even Muslim Zanzibar. Their idols are human shaped though surmounted with a long red trunk instead of a head, and it is rumoured that more than one missionary has discovered that when the whites leave, the natives swap a head topped by a crown of thorns for one with a bloody tongue. The sorcerer would then rend flesh from his own body, usually the arm, and spit the bloody offering into the mouth of the body supposed to be raised. A great chanting would be then undertaken by both sorcerer and his audience. The words are not in the native Yoruban. I have attempted to capture them phonetically: Hu ning lui mugluwal naf wugah nagal atzu tuti yok sog tok foo takun. Atzu tuti fu takun! Hu ning lui. (Compare viz. Waite and Zimmerman) "

January 23, Friday

Very early morning snuck into grounds keeper house. Left and followed tracks around main house to a locked servants door. Tommy heard a scream from inside and Delacey heard an oncoming car. Tommy tried to open the servants door. Whistler and Jones ran around the house to go back in to get to the patio door and inside. Tommy picks the lock successfully. Delacey rings the servants door doorbell and sees the car approach and shuts off its lights but continue approaching. Whistler runs to dining room and goes down to the basement kitchen level. Tommy enters servants kitchen entrance and seeks help. Whistler and Jones make their way down and meet Tommy and they find a body, one of the bodyguards murdered, throat cut. Delacey hides to ambush the drivers in the car. Jones calls the cops. Whistler and Gant go upstairs.

Sees 8 guys disembark. They have a prisoner, Coleman, the agent. Their boss accuses Coleman of failure and starts to cast a spell. Delacey jumps in front of a car, pistol whips a guy. He shoots at the big boss, hitting, then missing. A mook with a big knife tries to stab Delacey, missing. Delacey gets surrounded by guys. Runs away shooting at the gang. Gang slipping and falling in pursuit. Boss is chanting and loudly one word over and over again. Delacey

Whistler, Gant, and Jones go to the library. Two men are there looking for the safe. Tommy pulls a gun on them. Fires a shot and kills him. Whistler hits a guy with his cane who headbutts him back. Tommy shoots the bad guy and searches the bodies. Jones goes to the front door to see the main bodyguard go outside with a gun.

Jan 24, Saturday: planned funeral.

Jan 25, Sunday: Solar Eclipse


The Carlyle Expedition bripod sturtus