Whistler's Notebook

Timeline – Whistler’s notes on events starting on Jan. 15th.

People of note

Places of Note

Jackson’s Trail
- June 1924: Left for Nairobi, Carlyle Expedition investigation starts
- Aug 8: Letter from Nairobi, at Hampton House. Met with Erica Carlyle
- Aug 16: Departs for China
- Sept 17: Arrives China
- Sept 19: wire asking for money
- Oct 4: Leaves Shanghai
- Nov 7: Arrives Cairo
- Nov 13: Departs for London
- Nov 25: Arrives London
- Dec 16: Writes to Jonas with papers
- Dec 17: Departs for NY on a freighter
- Jan 1?: attends lecture by Prof Cowles at NYU
- Jan 14, 1925: murdered in hotel room
Items of Note
Africa’s Dark Sects
Text by Nigel Blackwell
Treats blasphemous African tribes with credence

Whistler's Notebook

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